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Empowered To Empower Women

If you're a woman with great idea, hopes and dreams and you are in search of that big win that will change your life forever, you have come to the right place! 

 Inside every woman is a seed which when watered and nurtured, can turn into and incredible tree with branches and roots that reach out well beyond her to touch and transform the lives of everyone around her and beyond
- Kate Chambati

We Specialize In... 

Transforming women's lives, and finances through education and business to give them confidence and hope for the future.

Supporting and Promoting Personal, Emotional and Spiritual Growth

We have created  a safe zone for women to just be women no-matter what they look like, where they have been, what they have been through or are still going through. Every woman is welcome even if she does not have net-worth or self-worth.

Education and self-development can turn your life around 360 degrees! No kidding!

Turning Small Ideas Into Big Businesses and Big Ideas Into Generational Wealth

We can help you turn your idea into thriving business. Anything is possible when you set your mind to it.
Your life story can turn into a coaching business, a book or even a speaking topic. We can get very creative.
You can choose to build a physical or online business. We help you get there.

 Teaching women how to invest in each other first, before paying It forward to the world

There is more than enough room for all of us at the top. No need for competition. We collaborate and share ideas information and resources so we can fly high together.
We are more powerful when we are united and in sync with each other. Let us lift one another up as women. Only then can we go out and change the world.

Kate Chambati

Transformational  Life Coach, International Speaker, 2 Time International Best-Selling Author, Social Entrepreneur

 SHE simply means..
Strength that can move boulders. She is the light that shines into her fellow sisters' darkness. No-one understands her more than another woman. She is a powerful and determined creature. She strives to use that power wisely and for the greater good of other women.

 Humility is her middle name. She does not need to prove anything because she knows who she is and has confidence in herself. Kindness, compassion and caring flow freely out of her like liquid gold. Her femininity is her strength and identity. 

Excellence follows her wherever she goes and everything she touches prospers. Her femininity is not a weakness or an embarrassment. It is her identity and significant one at that.

Here's What You Can Expect... 

We know that we can never get a second chance to make a first impression so we have adopted a spirit of excellence so we can give you a memorable experience

We Help you determine where you are Now
Every single person has as great a chance of succeeding as the next person
There is a great idea in every single one of us that is just waiting to be discovered
Some ideas die with us simply because we never allowed them to come alive

Then figure out where you want  to Go
Let us work with you to bring those ideas to life. We meet you where you are and move forward from there to develop your  idea into something great, meaningful and profitable. 
Even the most ordinary idea has the potential to be extraordinary!

 How you Can Get there  Fast and Profitably
There are many reasons why people want to start businesses and one main one is to make money. Another is to have freedom to make decisions without worrying about the cost.
Above all, to be able to help family friends and others whenever there is a need. We can help!
If it can be done today, why put if off for tomorrow
-Kate Chambati
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Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed. They differ from person to person.  
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